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Pete McNally is the founder and principal of The Grinnell Group.  Mr. McNally began in the industry during its infancy, working on market launches for Nextel in Boston and VoiceStream / T-Mobile in Denver.  Over the last twenty-four years, Mr. McNally has developed expertise in all phases of site acquisition and deployment.  Since 2014, Mr. McNally has been heavily involved in small cell master agreements and build outs.  Additional experience includes work for and consulting to local governments, providing a deep understanding of both public and private sector perspectives. His expertise includes project management, public hearing presentations, regulatory analysis, government relations, and lease negotiations. Mr. McNally is a 1990 graduate of Iowa State University with a B.S. in Community and Regional Planning.


Jenni Bowles has worked in the wireless industry for 12 years. Prior to joining the Grinnell Group in 2017, she worked for ten years at Iowa Wireless Services, LLC as a Project Coordinator in the Real Estate and Site Acquisition Department.  Her main responsibilities included coordinating and providing information to site acquisition consultants, tracking progress of wireless projects through the site acquisition process, routing real estate agreements, contracts and invoices through the signature process, maintaining the company facilities and site rent payables spreadsheets, as well as researching any rent discrepancies, and working with landlords and tenants on any issues that would arise. In 2015, she began building an online database for the Real Estate Department to organize and track the company’s portfolio of 400-plus tower lease and facilities agreements and their financial obligations. The database streamlined internal processes and became instrumental in the exchange of information during the T-Mobile acquisition in 2018.



Shawna Johnson has worked with The Grinnell Group since 2010.  She obtained her juris doctorate in 2013. Prior to working with the Grinnell Group, she worked for Iowa Wireless Services, LLC for nine years in accounting and ultimately, the construction management department.  While in the construction management department, Shawna helped coordinate cell tower builds, working to procure materials and coordinate with vendors to ensure timely and successful builds.  Shawna’s work has included new site acquisition, permitting and site modifications.

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With project experience in 30 states, The Grinnell Group has garnered an in-depth understanding of the wireless industry and the site acquisition process. We couple this understanding with research and analysis of the unique circumstances and local conditions affecting each project. Our team's goal is to successfully balance time constraints, business costs, and political realities to fulfill our clients' business objectives.

Wireless planning and development requires dynamic solutions. Our personal attention and flexibility helps to ensure the highest responsiveness to our client's needs.

We provide a full range of site development and tower asset management services.


Want to experience the expertise of The Grinnell Group for yourself? Give us a call today and let’s discuss what we can do for you.

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