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The categories listed on the left, and explained in detail below, are the main areas of concentration for businesses to consider when building new communication sites. The Grinnell Group carefully approaches each of these areas with the knowledge and expertise required to ensure that your wireless build out will be a success. 


We have identified and evaluated numerous sites for clients. While the site location factors will vary for each client and product, the overall approach generally remains the same: by analyzing clients’ key criteria, inferior or unsuitable sites are eliminated so that only the most appropriate and favorable sites are considered. This “wide-net” approach not only ensures that no suitable sites are overlooked, but also that resources are expended only for sites that will provide value.


Understanding the conditions and limitations of a property is the basis for all sound acquisitions. The Grinnell Group brings together the resources necessary for clients to assess potential properties. As clients’ agents, we have successfully negotiated the acquisition of hundreds of properties across the country. Through this experience, we have garnered an understanding of the interplay among the legal, market, financial, physical, regulatory, and human issues involved, and developed the seasoned judgment necessary for successful negotiations.


Local permitting requirements vary from discretionary permits involving elected officials and the public, to ministerial permits such as building permits. Discretionary permits are potentially the most contentious and risky part of the development process. The Grinnell Group provides clients with a clear understanding of the dynamics involved in the process and strategic plans for obtaining approval. While typically less contentious, building permits can cause costly delays if the process is not managed correctly. We help minimize these delays through an understanding of the process and a proactive approach.


We provide project management to all aspects of construction and engineering initiatives in the telecommunications industry. Our Construction  partners will customize an end-to-end solution that provides flexibility at competitive rates. The Grinnell Group has the experience and technical knowledge to get projects done on time and on budget. We have a comprehensive quality control program to ensure compliance with your company’s specifications, ensuring deadlines, and meeting budgets. We will provide the project management needed to keep your network build running smoothly.


There are a variety of federal and state rules to take into account. In addition to FAA regulations, which impact a wide area near airports, other top considerations are the National Environmental Act (NEPA), which requires an environmental impact assessment of the facility and approval of the State Historic Preservation Office. When suitable alternatives are available, it is best to avoid airports, historic properties and environmentally sensitive areas such as flood plains. In cases where that's not possible, we work with Strategic Partners who will do an analysis of the area ahead of time in order for clients to make informed decisions and to save time and money in the long run. 


Looking for ways to reduce costs and streamline business? With the constantly changing technology landscape in emerging markets (including 5G services) as well as the increased data demands with pressure for expanded network capacity, there are ways tower owners can maximize their revenue with both new and existing tenants.   



Tower colocation is one way businesses can maximize their revenue stream and also add value to properties. Cell tower colocation is the use of one structure to mount or deploy mobile telecommunications antennas belonging to more than one wireless service provider within a single location, where the anchor carrier is subleasing tower space or ground space to additional tenants.  If you are a tower owner, colocation should be a top priority.  The Grinnell Group can help market your tower space and come up with a colocation strategy to make sure that you maximize your potential long-term rental revenues on the site.


If you own a tower and someone wants to colocate on your tower, we can help you through this process.

  •         We will conduct a lease and engineering review to ensure that the tenant will not interfere with your use.  We will ensure that the lease protects you and is consistent with your obligations to the underlying property 

               owner and any other tenants already on the tower.

  •         We will help you determine fair financial terms, taking into consideration local demands, availability of alternative locations, proposed loading, and time demands.

  •         We and our engineering partner will evaluate the tenant's proposed installation. 

  •         Once the tenant begins installation, we will make sure the crews are qualified and that the work is inspected or pictures are provided showing that the work was done right.

  •         One often overlooked aspect of the process is record keeping. We will build a thorough record of the process and all relevant documents to the project, which will pay off in the long run.

If you are a tower owner and already have tenants located on your tower, there are several ways that we can help you maximize your investment.

  •         Equipment Changes: When a tenant is interested in modifying their equipment, we will conduct a thorough lease and engineering review to ensure your lease rights and obligations are being met. 

  •         Lease Renewals: Both your underlying lease and your tenant lease may be getting old that they may soon need to be renewed. We can help you negotiate these renewals well in advance of their expiration. For prime                lease renewals, we recommend at last 3 years in advance. This will give you the time and opportunity to review your options and modify other terms of the agreement.

  •         Buyouts: There are companies that may offer to purchase your lease. Their plan is to give you a lump sum in exchange for the long term revenue stream. We can help you evaluate those options if you are considering

               an offer.

  •         Rent Reductions Requests: You may have received calls or letters stating that a tenant wants a rent reduction or else they will leave. Generally, they are fishing, but if they keep coming back even after repeated "Nos,"              then give us a call.






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The Information Revolution continues to change the way people live, work and play; from the re-configuration of entire business sectors such as retail, to simply catching up with family and friends. This growth continues to stress wireless infrastructure and drive expansion, particularly in the form of small cells and 5G.  Small cells are wireless transmitters and receivers designed to provide network coverage to smaller areas. While tall, high-power “macro” towers keep the network signal strong across large distances, small cells suit more densely developed environments like cities. The ultimate goal of small cell technology is to improve the cellular experience for users and strengthen coverage and data transfer speeds where devices might otherwise compete for bandwidth. Since November of 2013, The Grinnell Group has deployed over 500 small cells with another 700 in the development stage.  We have negotiated numerous small cell master lease agreements with utilities, cities, and universities and have worked with carriers to establish best practices for small cell deployment.  We can help your business navigate this growing technology with the knowledge and expertise necessary for a successful small cell network deployment. 




What is a tower broker?

A cell tower broker is a company or individual who assists cell tower owners with selling their tower or portfolio of towers. The broker markets the cell towers to several potential buyers by putting together an offering memorandum that includes revenue from tenants on the towers, expenses from the operation of the towers, and pertinent tower details including location, type, and height.  Their goal is to maximize the overall transaction for the seller, both fiscally and contractually. A broker can help you find the buyer that is most likely to buy your towers and close at the price offered.

Whether you own one cell tower or dozens, working with an expert cell tower broker can make the sales process easier, faster, and significantly more profitable. The Grinnell Group can handle all the details, so you don’t have to.  We handle every aspect of the transaction proficiently and expertly, from site evaluations, contacting potential buyers, reviewing purchase documents, and handling the due diligence process. Our thorough service and attention to detail will ensure the best possible results for tower owners.

1. Portfolio Review and Assessment

The Grinnell Group will review client records and obtain additional information from publicly available sources and site visits as needed to develop an understanding of the tower portfolio. After evaluating the assets, we will determine the best marketing approach based upon the strengths and weaknesses of the portfolio and provide a target sale price range.

2. Develop Confidential Offering Memorandum and List of Select Buyers

From there, we will determine a list of potential buyers that align with the marketing approach and then develop a Confidential Offering Memorandum. The Memorandum will include an executive summary, company information, details of the offering, risk factors, and financial statements.

3. Bid Solicitation, Review and Selection

Once an NDA/Confidentiality Agreement is in place, we will send the Memorandum to selected pre-screened potential buyers. Bidders will then submit non-binding offers via a Letter of Intent (LOI), which details the desired transactional terms as well as the method of payment. All bids will be reviewed, and a matrix of offer terms will be provided. Legal counsel will be engaged regarding non-business terms in the LOI, and then top offers will be selected for further discussions. After one-on-one discussions have been made with selected bidders, a final review and evaluation will be made of the best offers/LOIs. The best offer will be selected with final execution of the LOI.


4. Purchase Agreement and Closing

A Purchase Agreement will be drafted by legal counsel in accordance with the LOI terms and conditions and the final closing will be led by legal counsel. The Grinnell Group will review and assist from an industry perspective as needed through this process.

Why should I use a tower broker?

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